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Alright so I was reading this article on 'The Daily Beast':…

Its about weird and secret libraries in New York, including the adventurers library, magicians library and freemasons library. The suggestion is that there are no really secret books, that all books are publicly available.

Then, I was thinking about the supposed secret 4chan folklore book 'The book of Loki':

Mature Content


The book that supposedly is only known to those who make a faustian pact. I'm even more confused now, after reading 'The Supervillain':
The Supervillain by Az-I-Am
The suggestion is that secret books, and secret occult knowledge can grant you immortality. So this got me thinking about secrets generally, and now i'm wondering:

What secrets do you believe are true? What secrets do you have?
Alright, so if this weird meta pop-culture 'story' was really created by 4chan and reddit:

The Supervillain - Story by Goiye Powerhouse by caraart
The Supervillain by Az-I-Am
...then how come half way through the narrative there is a link to a hub pages article which is based on a real series of events which happened around 2012 - 2013? I remember when this ARG was happening, because I got involved with it myself and I know for a fact that a least 10 people mentioned here are real people with Skype accounts and everything, because I was in their Skype groups for a short period of time. Alright, so obviously some of these stories are fictional and made up by Redditors or anon from 4chan, because they are simply not based in reality at all. I can't really say what the motivations of the authors of those stories are, but it does seem odd that all the stories hinge around actual accounts of people spray painting these symbols on government buildings and different locations all over the world. Doesn't this seem like it crosses a certain line of fiction, or 'trolling' and more like a genuine occult activities? 
Like, we now know that Dylan roof was inspired by 4chan's /pol/ forum, then there was all the organisations of anonymous, including overthrowing regimes even. so is it really impossible that a whole group of 4chan guys and gals were inducted into some elaborate mind control occult experiments and conducted this huge massive ritual in 2012?
Also the hub pages article has so many illuminati references in it its crazy. Number one: The chapter called 'Mythology surrounding the cult' (Which has two parts) is an account written allegedly by an ex military CIA officer who wants to expose what really happened to Malaysian airlines flight MH370. He speaks really fucking knowledgably about surrounding events, then talks frankly about releasing photographs of the missing plane in Diego Garcia. Remember when those photos of the plane were supposedly 'released' on Facebook? Doesn't this all seem like a bit of a coincidence?
Ok finally, the whole 'false prophet email' thing. Notice how this starts out like a bloody mary type urban legend about the 'head of the illuminati' - then in the hub pages article there is another chapter called 'symbols and portals' which is basically the actual continuation of this narrative. ALL THE REST OF THE STORY IS A DISTRACTION. I think the writer of the hub article is part of the cult. Part of the conspiracy! Then the other people making stories are also disinfo agents, trying to shift the focus from what really happened. What really happened? In December 2012 the internet was ripe with agents of the illuminati who conducted a global ritual to suppress human consciousness. Humanity was in the process of rising to a new state of awareness and illumination, but instead our access to other dimensions of consciousness was locked down, and we were imprisoned by a massive occult ritual.

Anyone agree?
Is this a real book? Or just an urban legend?…
Because they're seems to be a lot of rumours and stories going around about it.


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I am a sculptor who lives in manhatten.

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